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Our Passionate, Expert Team Is Ready To Help You Along Your Journey To Recovery

We are a passionate team here to help you in overcoming addiction. That means you need a strong team guiding you to recovery. Addiction is a complicated and intelligent disease-not a moral failure you can bootcamp out.

We know every single person suffering from addiction can overcome it. How do we know this? Simple, almost every single counselor, staff member, or team leader is living an active life in recovery, even our founder Michael Dadashi.

Anyone who has been addicted knows how powerful the experience is. Substance abuse wraps people in cycles of selfishness and deceit forcing them to lie, cheat, and steal to survive. We also know addiction is often symptoms of deeper trauma or shame. That’s why we don’t rely on traditional ‘get dry’ treatment and instead create proactive environments with teams who have shared experiences and understand the path to recovery.

That is why at Infinite Recovery we have a team trained to create an environment to both challenge and heal.

To accomplish that, we combine empowering therapeutic techniques alongside a no-excuse policy. Every single client carries the expectation of both being an adult and partnering in their recovery. Both our programs and team are built to start recovery at where the client is when they come in while raising expectations on their maturity and recovery.

Every single client that comes to us is held to a high standard based on their needs. We recognize that each person’s situation, challenges, and abilities are unique. That is why our team works with you to develop your goals in a way that aligns with our standards so you can celebrate success on your own terms. We do this by responding to client recovery barriers with clinically tailored assessments and empowered interventions.

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Complete Re-Integration Treatment

To successfully get sober and stay sober at our Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Texas requires re-integrating into everyday life. This can be the most difficult part in the sobriety journey. To ensure a successful transition we offer complete re-integration treatment by providing a full continuum of care. Each level is designed and supported by professionals. They include guidance from a master’s level therapist, licensed addiction counselors, and our recovery support specialists. The path to wellness has ups and downs. That is why every level of treatment has a different level of intensity. These levels come in a unique combination of holistic and hands on approaches used to grow client wellness at our outpatient treatment Austin.

We guide each resident in the journey to recovery by helping them curate optimum treatment based on their experience.

Recovery is a unique experience and requires treatment tailored to each person’s health, state, and needs. That is why we promote a holistic approach. Through its lens, total recovery becomes a state of transformation. Recovery doesn’t work when it’s merely a vacation from the real world. That’s why we focus on both our residents’ integration and restoration. We help residents transform their health, relationships with the people that matter most, their work, school, social activities, and most importantly- their self. To find out more about this approach, visit our 8 Dimensions Of Wellness page.

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